Vault 07.19.2010 – Mondaze

That about sums it up today. Not that I haven’t accomplished a lot in one day already – I put in job applications, I worked at the library for an hour, I’m going to the gym in a moment, and I should get a hair cut at some point – but there’s just something about starting your week on rainy day, when you’ve had two full days to rest preceding it, that just doesn’t equate a happy mood. It doesn’t help when you start your day on a rather gloomy note, having read this article and witnessed the photograph of a rhino cow that was poached first thing this morning. Awake yet?! Happy?! Ugh.

Now I am about to go read all the gloomy headlines that drift past on LCD screens in front of the exercise machines over at the gym. You know the routine, FOX and MSNBC and CNN all raving it up: “Oil spill could reach East Coast,” “Senate divided on critical issue,” “American abducted in Middle East,” “Soldier’s family mourns loss,” “2012, we all die,” etc., etc., etc. It’s the television news media, spouting the same old terrors, that really flips my switch to the “off” position. I wish I could type a happy story and work the treadmill at the same time – now that would be something to pitch to potential employers 😉

So, to bring you up a little bit, here’s a photo of pecans ripening in our front yard. This photo makes me happy. Boo on all of your spouts of terror, news media, I’ll be making pecan pie in a few months.


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