Vault 06.08.2010 – Homegrown

I’ve been eating these tasty, tasty homegrown tomatoes my stepfather, Mark, planted this year. They go great on my sandwiches, or just eaten plain old-fashioned. The garden Mark planted is thriving this year. Mark planted beans, tomatoes, squash, and okra (Since we are on the topic of okra, I have had a hard time liking the taste of okra after having picked the plant one Saturday morning last year. I was bare-handed and bushy-tailed, picking zucchini and squash in the early morning, but then we hit the okra patch. By the time I had picked 30 or so, I was wringing my hands they were itching so hard. Okra has these little devil hairs that stick in you and cause an allergic reaction. But gumbo isn’t gumbo without it, so I swallow it with as much pride as I can muster.).

To keep the birds out of the garden, Mark uses this creepy looking owl. I see these things all over town. Maybe I will start a collage of fake owls for you guys. Or just replicas in general, that would be fun 😉

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