Vault 04.14.2010 – Fricano’s

Austin, TX. Leica M6, Summicron Pre-Asph 35/2, Ektar 100.

Fricano’s Deli is the Grail of sandwich shops in Austin, Texas. I’ve been to this place around 10-15 times over the years, always as a treat. Tucked right next to a grocery store, what used to be a hookah bar, and what is currently a video arcade, this Chicago-style delicatessen serves as a unique compliment to the neighborhood. The food here is choice. Paul’s Reuben and the artery-busting Reuben Dog are legendary. Fricano’s sandwiches are not recommended for the Mrs. Baird’s amateur, these damn sandwiches are substantial enough to make mothers uncomfortable. Fuck Chicago Style, they should just call it Fricano Style. The place is somewhat small – “snug” as I say – but get over your American phobia of sitting next to your hungover-looking neighbor who could care less because he is so in love with his kick-ass sandwich, and eat up, bitch. You will enjoy. Thank you guys for always being awesome.

-Paul (Loyal customer since ’07)

Fricano’s Deli Website

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